Smart Cat Water Fountain AGUA

Beautifully designed to fit any interior, this cat water fountain is super quiet, cordless and can be placed in any spot in your home. The smart detector turns on the water automatically when your cat approaches the fountain. With a germicidal UVC lamp, and battery that last 30-40 days, you can stay assured that your cat always has a clean and healthy drinking experience. Especially during hot summer days!

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Encourage your cat to drink more water

There is something about running water that cats find attractive. The Agua water fountain is designed to inspire your cat to drink more water, especially during hot summer days.

Beautifully made to fit any interior, this cat water fountain is super quiet and cordless so you can place it anywhere in your home. The battery lasts for 30-40 days ensuring your cat has a wonderful and fresh drinking experience.

The fountain comes with adhesive pads for extra stability.

Smart water fountain for cats

The Agua’s pyroelectric detector turns on the water automatically when your cat approaches the fountain. The water supply runs at a maximum of 48 sessions per day, 20 seconds every time. To save energy, the detector is put into hibernation mode every 30 minutes, so even with a hyperactive cat, the fountain won’t be dispensing water all the time.

UV sterilisation

If your cat tends to get a rash in their chin from plastic bowls, that will not be an issue with this fountain. The Germicidal UVC lamp switches on automatically every 24 hours and effectively removes all bacteria, providing healthy drinking water for your cat. 

The Agua fountain comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Easy to clean and assemble

The water fountain can be easily cleaned. For the best maintenance, clean the pump with a soft brush. The water tank and separate parts can be hand washed with warm water and washing liquid. 

To assure the water is always free from pollutants, it’s recommended to replace carbon filters every 7 days.


Why cat fountain is a good choice

Cats do not always drink enough water, especially when their diet mostly consists of dry food. When cats don’t drink enough, the minerals in their urine start to crystallise and form stones. Keeping your cat hydrated helps to prevent kidney and urinary tract problems.

Standing water quickly becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Especially during hot days. Gifting your cat a water fountain can encourage him to drink more, as cats instinctively are drawn to running water. It simply is safer to drink, and also tastes a lot fresher! 

Did you know? Cats instinctively avoid drinking water that is near their food or toilet. If you notice that your cat doesn’t drink enough, try moving the water source away from the food and litter tray.


Why choose the Agua water fountain?

✔ Very practical and carefree.

✔ Auto water running feature inspires cats to drink more.

✔ Long battery cycle +/- 30-40 days.

✔ Automatically keeps the water clean from bacteria. 

✔ Filter to keep hairs out of the water.

✔ Large water capacity: 2L. 

✔ Super quiet, decibel below 40.

✔ Cordless, so cats won’t chew or play with them.

✔ Including adhesive pads for better fixation to the floor.


Product Details:

Dimensions: L250xW115xH207mm / Water capacity 2L

Assembly: Super easy twist and click.

Material: Durable and food-grade plastic.

Cleaning: Can be done easily with soapy water, then dry with a cloth.

Features: UVC Germicidal lamp keeps the water clean from bacteria. 

Manual: View the Agua water fountain manual

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Smart Cat Water Fountain AGUA

  1. Fiona

    Hands down the best water fountain ever! Cordless is safe and my cats love their new Agua! Also cool design 🙂

  2. Natalie

    My cats are loving this fountain! Cordless is great and easy installing, just plug and go! Would recommend to all cat lovers.

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