Durable felt cat cube enclosure made for IKEA Kellax & Espedit. Provide your cat with safe and cosy space without compromising the décor theme of your home. Handmade from durable felt with delightfully soft lining. 100% machine washable.

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Cat Cave Bed For IKEA Cube Units

When it comes to sleeping, cats love hiding in small spaces to feel calm and safe. HolyCube by Cosy and Dozy makes a snug place to catch some z’s. Made from durable felt, this cat cave was designed to fit in IKEA Kellax and Espedit units.

No need to compromise on your space and décor! The natural, grey colour of felt not only camouflage shedded fur and any potential stains, but also blends in nicely with modern and Scandinavian interior.

Handmade From Felt

The HollyCube cat caves are 100% handmade in a family run workshop in Poland. They are made from durable dark grey felt with comfortably soft bottom lining. 

Felt is a perfect material for pets furniture. It’s lightweight, stain-resistant and can withstand scratching and clawing. Cats find the cube cave enclosed enough to feel safe, but also due to soundproofing properties of felt, quiet enough to have a peaceful nap. 

HolyCube is machine washable! 

Felt is an amazing liquid repellent. However, if it happens that the HolyCube gets dirty, you can easily clean it off. 

When the felt cat cave gets dusty, a simple dusting will do the job. For any sticky situations, let it dry first and then try to lightly flick the dirt. You can also use masking tape to extract stubborn lint.

To clean small stains of felt products, we recommend spot cleaning:

  • Use cold water mixed with soap
  • Gently rub the stain
  • To remove soap residues, use damp cloth and gently wipe it off 
  • Let it air dry

In case the cube gets really dirty you can throw it in the washing machine too!


Product Details:

  • Length: 38cm | 15in
  • Width: 33cm | 13in
  • Height: 33cm | 13in
  • Hole diameter: 21cm | 8.3in
  • Felt thickness: 4mm | 0.16in
Additional information

Cosy and Dozy


Dark Grey





Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Felt Cat Cave HOLLYCUBE

  1. Leslie

    I am so happy I got this cube! My kitty is very anxious. I have the fluffy doughnut bed for my Miya, but despite that, she’s been sleeping either under my bed or behind my chest of drawers. But not anymore! Since we got this cube, my Miya finally has a place to sleep where she finally feels safe! I am going to get more of these, so I can have them in different rooms.

  2. Marc

    The cat cube looks so good in my IKEA unit.
    As soon as the cube was unpacked and fit into the unit, the first cat was already in it and he is not ready to leave the cat house again for the time being. Our cat sits in front of it and waits for our Smokie to finally come out of the cave so that he can finally get in. ;-))

  3. Alaina

    Great cozy place for our cats to curl up. All three are different sizes from kitten to chunky and all of them love it!

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