Cat Wall Shelf CHILL Wenge

The super-comfy CHILL cat wall shelf was designed by experts with the cats’ and the owners’ needs in mind. Fits with any type of interior décor, modern or traditional.

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Cosy and Dozy CHILL cat wall shelves give the cat a better vantage point. From that location, the cat can survey his ‘realm’ and be more aware of activities of people and other pets. If a cat is anxious or afraid, it may get him farther away from the cause of his anxieties (e.g.; pesky dog or small children).

Your cat will love the new space!

Another crucial benefit is temperature. Because heat rises, the CHILL cat wall shelf can become a cosy place especially on cold winter days. Cats love to stretch out and lounge on it. They would appreciate it if you placed this Cozy and Dozy cat shelf near household furniture so that it is easy for the kitty to climb or jump up on them. Being up high allows cats to truly feel calm and in control. It’s what we call the perfect Chill zone.

The super-comfy wall-mounted CHILL cat shelf was designed by experts and like minded cat lovers who had both the cats and the owners needs in mind. With its sleek designer look and curved wooden lounging surface which cradles your cat perfectly and complements any interior.

Heavy-duty hidden brackets measure 16” apart so they can easily mounted into wall studs or into a solid wall. Because they are totally concealed, it gives the CHILL cat shelf a classic floating design that fits with any type of interior décor, modern or traditional. And of course all our shelf cushions are machine washable.


Handmade cat shelf bed

The CHILL modern cat wall shelf has been granted the European Community design patent No. 002559963-0001.

CHILL cat shelf dimensions:

  • Width – 41 cm (16 inches)
  • Length – 50 cm (20 inches)
  • Cushion thickness – 3 cm (1.2 inches)
  • Weight (with brackets) – 4,5 kg (9.7 Ibs)
  • Max load – 20 kg (44 Ibs)

This shelf is ready to hang. The spacing between metal brackets is 16 inches (40.6 cm), so that the shelf can be attached to the wall studs behind the sheet rock for the maximum strength.

Additional information

Cosy and Dozy


Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White




cotton, wood

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Cat Wall Shelf CHILL Wenge

  1. Maggie

    Beautiful. Functional. Cannot recommend highly enough. I’ve been looking for a cat bed that looks nice, and my picky cats will actually sleep in. It looks exactly as pictured. And my cats love it. Sleek, high quality materials. Definitely worth every penny.

  2. Abbie

    My kitty absolutely loves her perch and looking out the window now. It looks so much better than a cat tower and the quality is amazing. The shipping was so fast too.

  3. Niki

    My cat never uses anything we buy specially for her. She has ignored all the pillows, beds, baskets etc we got for her and chooses her own places to sleep or sit. But when we put her on this shelf she laid down immediately. She loves it! It’s obviously made by someone who really understands cats. Our cat uses it all the time. To rest, to sleep, or to have an overview of the room. It’s really comfortable for her and also beautiful to look at! We really love this piece of furniture.

  4. Michael

    These shelves are lovely and the cats love them. I’ve bought 3 of these over the last few months, one for our cats and another for my two children’s cats. Beautifully made as well. Not cheap, but fantastic…

  5. Andy

    The shelves are beautiful, well made, and installed into the brick wall easily with the screws provided. The cats love having a place they can go up high.

  6. Lizzie

    I love it. Nice finish and it just looks good. And best of all; my cat is very happy with it 😊

  7. Amy

    Excellent quality and good looking. Cats love them.

  8. Ashley

    Shipping was fast and our cats absolutely love this piece. As soon as we got it hung they were laying on it.

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