Cat Grooming Brush

Ecological and vegan friendly cat hair brush with pleasant to touch natural bristles. Ideal for grooming both short and long hair cats. Keep your cat’s fur clean whilst creating a special bond between you and your feline. 100% handmade with love in Poland.

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Cat brush for both short and long hair cats

The Cosy and Dozy cat brush was purposely designed with longer natural bristles, ideal for every type of fur. The bristles are made from tampico fibre extracted from agave, which is extremely stimulating and pleasant to touch. Your cat will love to be combed with this brush!

Brushing is an important part of keeping their coat clean and healthy. It helps to remove dirt, grease and shedded hair, which minimises development of hairballs.This pleasant grooming routine keeps your cat’s coat shiny due to spreading the natural oils that their skin produces.

While most kittens simply enjoy being brushed, the older felines benefit from this extra care help, as with age they become less flexible to be able to groom themselves.


How often should you brush your cat

Amy Flower, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, recommends brushing your cat once or twice a week. Regular brushing is especially important for long hair cats, such as Ragdolls and Maine Coons, as it prevents mats. 


Brushing your cat is one of the best ways to create stronger bonds

Spend some happy grooming time with your feline. Brushing does not only help to keep your cat’s fur clean, but also improves blood circulation, relieves stress and stimulates the production of serotonin – the happiness hormones. With the bristle cat brush you can take care of your cat’s neat appearance, as well as wellbeing.


Product details:

  • Length: 13cm
  • Width: 6cm
  • Bristle length: 3cm
  • Height: 5cm
  • Brush material: natural beech wood
  • Bristle material: tampico fibre obtained from agave leaves
Additional information

Cosy and Dozy







Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Cat Grooming Brush

  1. Karen

    I was worried the brush would be too coarse based on the picture, but my cat likes to be brushed with it. It’s well put together and feels like it’ll last, and considering it was only a few bucks more than a cheapo plastic one I got my money’s worth.

  2. Kim

    Beautiful brush, my cat loves it. Have purchased a second one as a gift for a friend’s cat. Well made and durable.

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