Small kittens at home

So, so exciting! You’re about to welcome an adorable, little furry buddy in your pad. Make cat-keeping a rewarding experience of your life, and prepare your home for a new kitten. 

If you are a first-time cat owner, you must be wondering about what you really need for a new kitten. To make things easier and make sure you don’t forget anything important, we’ve broken everything down for you, so you can simply follow our shopping lists below to help you tick off everything on your new kitten checklist. 

Make your house as safe and welcoming as possible. You need to remember that your new best friend has just been taken away from her mama. She may feel some anxiety, but introducing a new home with loving owners, good food, and toys will cause her to forget quickly.

Making necessary arrangements in your home will ensure the best possible care, so let’s get started and see what you need for a kitten. 

What To Buy For A New Kitten – Checklist

1. Kitten Food

The most important thing for your kittens is the availability of nutritious food with considerable moisture content. You have many options if you want to feed the new pet with healthy food, such as homemade recipes, dried food, canned food, etc. 

Most kittens want to eat at least three or four meals a day. During the first few weeks of their life, they grow up so quickly! To make sure they develop healthily, you need to make sure their diet is rich in protein, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. 

If you are going to have small kittens in your home, it is recommended to provide them with specially formulated kitten food.

And don’t forget about the water! Make sure it’s fresh and replaced every day.

It’s also a good habit to clean water and food bowls every time you’re about to refill them.

2. Food Dishes

If you browse online, you will find a wide variety of metallic, plastic and ceramic dishes. But there is something you must know…

Plastic dishes, especially bowls, are the commonest. However, according to other cat owners, they are not the best choice. Cheap plastic harbour bacteria, which then can cause pimples on a cat’s chin. 

Metal or ceramic is not porous like plastic is. It means that these materials don’t absorb any of the stuff touching their surface. Metal or ceramic cat bowls are better for cats as they are easier to keep clean, making the food and water taste fresher than in a plastic bowl. 

Consider designs that will match your home interior. Food and water need to always be available for your kitty, so it’s a great idea to think about colours and shapes that will fit in your room decorations!

Here are the few bowls that you can buy for your cat in 2021.

  • Stainless steel cat bowls with a no-spill silicone mat.
  • Raised cat food bowls.
  • Collapsible cat bowls (best for travelling).
  • Double cat bowl sets.

3. Litter Box

When it comes to providing the most convenient place for the cats to do their business, you should never neglect the importance of the right litter box. From covered open containers to large and self-cleaning boxes, there is a massive variety of litter boxes that you can buy for your kittens.

While buying the litter box, make sure that it fits your kitten’s size. It’s possible that first, you will need to get a smaller and more shallow litter box, so your young cat can easily get into it. 

Let’s talk about litter now. Undoubtedly, the most popular litter that cat owners use is clumping litter, but it is not best for kittens. Young cats, like babies, like to “test” everything with their mouths. The clumping litter expands when it is in contact with liquids, so it can cause painful digestive problems if swollen by a kitten.

Vets recommend using non-clumping clay or crystal litter. Make sure you choose the one that is dedicated to kittens. They are made from smaller pieces that are softer for little paws that can easily get hurt. 

Kittens have so much energy! Play with them to make them happy. They love it!

4. Cat Toys

If your cat sleeps too much, it does not always mean that she is sick. The reason for its sluggish behaviour can also be boredom. 

So if you want to increase the engagement level of your cats and stimulate their mental abilities, you should buy interactive toys for your fluffy pet. Laser beam toys, catnip toys and mice balls are few interactive toys that kittens and adult cats equally love.

Some cats like to play with a feather attached to a string. Some prefer anything they can chase, catch and then carry around like a trophy, such as small catnip toys.

It has to simulate them. It takes a little expertise, but you’ll get it!

One more thing!

Make sure to consider safety while buying toys for your cats. Choosing durable and safe toys will keep you at maximum ease as there is little risk of choking.

5. Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is an absolute necessity for every cat owner. To ensure the maximum safety of your pet while you are outside, and create an ideal place for it to rest while travelling for long distances.

The varieties of cat carriers include plastic, metal and foldable nylon carriers. No matter which one you choose, it’s always a good idea to keep it cosy. You can put a washable blanket in the carrier to make it warm and comforting to the kitten.

Consider the “future” size of your cat too. If you’re bringing a small Maine coon home, a dog carrier might be the best idea for you. Why? When your kitten becomes a cat, she will need more room to stand, stretch, lay down and move around properly.

Are you planning to take your cat on adventurous trips? Consider buying a backpack!

6. Cat Scratchers

Cats love to scratch, but if you want to prevent your cats from damaging furniture, you should buy the cat scratches so that your cat can use them for scratching and as a sleeping place.

You might not think about it at first, but remember that a cat scratcher will become another piece of furniture in your room. To make sure you still love your space, look for scratchers that fit your interior.

Modern cat scratchers are available in many types and sizes. From cardboard cat scratchers to wall mounted platforms, we’re sure you will find something that both your and your cat will love.

On the market, you will also find special sofa protectors with scratching surface. We’d recommend you avoid these, as instead of protecting your furniture, you will help your kitty to develop a nasty habit of stretching on your sofa!

Cat tree are a perfect place for your new kitten to play and relax

7. Cat Tree Towers

To keep your cat entertained, you can use multilevel cat trees that come up with a wide variety of lovely and lively designs. While choosing a cat tree, make sure it is attractive, easy to assemble and nice looking. It is a perfectly stable, soft and comfortable place to sleep, but your cat can also use it to play.

A handy tip! When putting the components of a cat tree tower together, pay attention to the instructions. You don’t want to risk the construction collapsing when your kitty climbs it.

8. Cat Houses

In the wild, cats hide in clefts in rocks, small caves, and anywhere else where they may be safe from predators. A cosy cat house will make your pussycat feel safe, happy and warm at your home.  

Premium cat houses are often made from natural materials to support a sustainable lifestyle. Buying a cat house for your new cat can be a perfect gift for it.

These are undoubtedly the warm, cosy and durable solutions that also add a special touch to your home decor. 

Creating Safe Sleeping & Entertaining Space For Your Cat

Now that many cat furniture and other accessories will be a part of your home, think about how they will fit your interiors.

The addition of cat houses, scratchers and climbing trees may seem a bit less important but remember that it is your responsibility to create a safe and stimulating space for the kitten to sleep, enjoy and play.

Cats are naturally curious to explore their surroundings, and when they do not find suitable accessories to play and explore, they cause trouble for you.

Create for your new kitty its escape and sanctuary and let it play in its own private spaces. It will make both you and your furry ball of love happy!

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