Sad cat

Is your furry little feline acting tired and out of character?

If yes, your cat may be sad!

There is something super heartbreaking about sad kitties. Maybe it’s because felines bring us so much happiness and excitement that it’s hard to see them feeling all down and uncomfortable. 

Believe it or not, the same things that make you feel down can put your fur friend in a lousy mood too. The snowball may be down for many reasons, but it’s not that tricky to spot low moods in cats. Luckily, this guide will help you know how to tell if your cat is sad. Plus, you will find out some exciting ways to make your cat feel better right away!

Dive in to cheer up your bundle of happiness!

How to tell if your cat is sad?

Absence of joy

A sad cat often shows the absence of joy. The lovely pal may change her normal behaviour. So if your cat no longer shows you cattitude or stops “cleaning” the counter for you, this might be a sign that something is off.

Your immediate response should be consulting a vet. Always try to figure out medical reasons before thinking that a problem is psychological. The little meow might be down on energy.

Little white sad cat

Body language

Your cat’s body language gives you clear clues on her physical and mental state. It’s more like silent communication between you and your kitty. Some obvious signs of sadness in cats are

  • Held back ears
  • Tucked in tail
  • Poor grooming
  • Change in appetite
  • And hair standing on end.

Your kitty might become extra reactive or fear full. Chances are you will get some new scratches all over your hand or face for invading their privacy. So be careful; you aren’t getting any lap cuddles today!

Excessive sleep patterns

Ok. We all know how much our paw-fect babies love to sleep. It’s normal for a feline to sleep throughout the day and turn into an adventurous explorer at 3:00 a.m. sharp.


However, a sad cat loses interest in any activity and tends to sleep even more. There can 

also be a change in the location of their favourite spot.

cheer up your cat

Super effective ways to make your cat feel better.

Figure out the reason

To cheer up a sad kitty, first, you need to search for a cause that’s making your cat feel blue. If there are no medical conditions, then one of the following factors could be the reason behind your cat’s sadness:

  • Change in your cat’s environment
  • Loss of any two or four-legged family member
  • Lack of attention by cat’s favourite hooman

Once you understand why your cat is down in the dumps, it will be easier to cheer the furball with the right solution.

So you better buckle up and start looking!

cat playing with kids and a skateboard

Encourage some playtime

Sometimes a cat’s sadness is caused by ultimate boredom. The cuddly fellow might be tired of you working all day long and not giving him enough time. Engaging your kitty in an interesting play is a simple yet effective solution to fade the sadness away.

Create a safe place for your cat

Who hates having a personal spot that is safe and away from all the troubles of life?

No one, right?

Well, neither do cats!

Cats are great climbers. They have a natural instant to find hiding spaces so they can stay safe from predators. They love to climb vertical spaces. So this is your hint to cheer up a sad kitty!

Build or get a cat tree for your cat, which can serve as a small hideout space. Let the kitty scratch around in her comfortable cat tree and spend some me-ow time.

If the sadness continues, let the veterinarian help solve the puzzle!

So, what’s your cat’s body language saying to you?

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