Eco-Friendly Cat Furniture

Discover the range of environmentally friendly cat furniture. 100% designed and made in Europe.

With environment in mind

“Beautiful house. Beautiful planet.”

We all can take some small steps to live more eco-friendly.  Making conscious decisions about everyday products, we can can reshape the future of our life on Earth.

To contribute to sustainable living, at Fabio The Cat we partner with French company Instinctive Tendance and Poland based Labbvenn who are committed to protect our beautiful environment by designing sustainable cat furniture. Simple and timeless design will suit any interior, whilst high quality and durable raw materials will pass the test of time.

Materials from nature

Recycled Cork

There is no more sustainable natural material than cork. Cork is naturally renewable and grows back after nine years. It means that the trees from which it is sourced do not need to be cut down. Given that, cork trees can live for up to 300 years, supplying cork for many generations. 

Biodegradable and anti-static, cork has anti-allergy properties. Its unique aesthetics and durability make it a fantastic material for eco-friendly cat furniture.

KANOP Wooden Cat TreeCOCOON Raised Cat BedKOPA Cat BedTIPPAW Cat House 

Wood From Sustainably Managed Forests

Instinctive Tendance products are made from only PEFC and FSC certified wood. These certifications guarantee responsible forest management and respect for biodiversity. In simple words, the certified wood comes from forests whose owners promote diversity of species, ensure the regular renewal of the forest, preserve soils, fauna, flora, habitats and wetlands.

KANOP Wooden Cat TreeTIPPAW Cat House 

Oeko-Tex® Certified Fabrics

The Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® label guarantees the textile to be free from harmful substances. Your cat deserves the highest quality fabric for their bedding!

COCO Cat Beds • COCOON Raised Cat BedKOPA Cat BedTIPPAW Cat House 

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