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Are you a Bengal cat lover? Have you always felt that cats have mysterious energy that draws you into them? Well then… this means that you’ve been bit by the cat-lover bug! If you have a feline friend at home and want to learn how to make sure you’re the best Bengal cat owner you can, then read on and find the best tips to make your fierce and tiny tiger happy here! 

Increase your Bengal cat’s comfort zone by giving him its own space.

First of all, SPACE! Yes, this is something you must keep in mind before even bringing your lovely cat home. Bengal cats are known for being quite large, as they’re hybrids resulting from Asian leopard cats and Egyptian Mau.

So make sure you have a large enough environment where they’ll be able to show off their mystic behaviour (we mean rolling, jumping around, playing with toys or just… ‘staring into the vast abyss’, as cats love to do.) You don’t want them crashing into objects around the house or getting injured. 

You also have to keep in mind that Bengals likes to be up high. Why? Their ancestor – the Asian Leopard Cat – was a tree-dwelling cat. No wonder Bengals love to climb too! Don’t fight your cat’s instinct when they live indoors. Give your cat its own vertical space on the wall by mounting cat wall shelves. When your cat is up in its natural place of choice, it can relax and observe everything, knowing that no one can sneak up or cause it any harm.

Bengal cat that climbed up a cupboard
Bengal cats love to climb!

Giving your Bengal cat the best eating experience

We cannot stress enough how important it is to be responsible for your cat’s nutrition. First, visit the veterinarian to get a professional’s advice on how’s the best way to feed them or, better, see a veterinarian nutritionist. They’ll tell you and even design a carefully structured diet with all the requirements to give your cat a healthy and balanced diet.

Where you serve your cat food is very important! Remember there are different kinds of materials for cat dishes. Some of the most common ones are stainless steel, glass or ceramic. This is where you come in; some cats are very sophisticated and only like eating from a glass dish, for example, and if served in plastic, will not eat. Believe it or not, this can lead to nutritional or nervous system disorders in the future, so try to identify which material your kitty cat loves the most. Some of the best are glass because they help maintain the taste and the quality of the food. 

Ceramic is also a good choice, as long as it doesn’t contain any lead and stainless steel is another popular option. You can also find raised cat bowls in the market. Some cat owners love elevated bowls because they can help prevent stomach problems, vomiting or even hurt your cat’s back. If you feel like your Bengal cat is hovering over its bowl, or is in a very uncomfortable position eating directly from a low-ground level bowl, try using an elevated dish. Due to the Bengal cat’s size, this is something that commonly happens in this breed.

Let your Bengal cat play, scratch and hide around the house.

Creating a calm and fun environment should be one of the main things on your mind before bringing home a Bengal cat. These large guys just love playing around the house and finding new things to distract themselves with. Make sure you get a head start and surprise them with fun things to do around the house to avoid them having to play with your brand-new curtains or hanging bedsheets. 

It is always a good idea to get your cat a scratching post. Yes. They absolutely love them. It turns out that biologically they have a need to scratch things to express themselves. This actually helps them file their nails and release stress. Try finding them a scratching post they absolutely love. You’ll have to try with a couple in the beginning before actually finding one they like. After finding one, you think might catch their attention, try using treats to lure them to the post until they start feeling comfortable and actually use it!

What might surprise you is that Bengals have very dog-like characteristics such as loyalty and intelligence. They also love to fetch! So give your lively cat lots of small soft toys that you can throw around the house. 

You thought YOU hated dirty litter trays? Ask Bengal cats. They hate it more than you do.

Now onto another subject, a litter box. If your cat isn’t already trained to use a litter box, try getting a comfortable litter box to teach them from the start. Remember that animals form habits from a young age, and doing it with a comfortable box will help them develop healthy habits.

Bengal cats have a bit of a reputation, not just for being large but for being a bit pickier than a bunch of other breeds due to their brain capacity. They’re a bit more complex, so try using different kinds of sand before sticking to only one brand. 

They might prefer to be out of sight instead of in the living room where someone is always staring at them, so keep that in mind when picking the perfect spot to place the litter box. Along with that complex mindset comes a picky attitude. It means Bengal cats don’t like seeing any dirty spots in their box. 

Try to keep it squeaky clean, or consider getting a self-cleaning box before your cat avoids going to the bathroom at all and gets sick.

Brown Coco Cat Bed hand woven Rope- cotton 100% OEKO-TEX®
Every Bengal cat deserves a safe space to sleep.

Your Bengal cat needs a safe place to rest.

And last but not least, of course, finding the perfect bed. As sophisticated as Bengal cats are, try starting out with a basic bed and finding different places around the house where your cat likes to rest.

Maybe your Bengal cat will prefer a hooded cat bed when in its earlier stages as this might make it feel safer from its environment, but as they grow to love your home and you as well, they might want to switch to a velvet or hand-woven knitted cat bed

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