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From the love of our indoor cat… and stylish home interior.

The Company

“Happy is the home with at least one cat.”

The moment you welcomed your cat in your home, you instantly felt the joyful energy that filled every corner of your space. Cats are lovable companions that bring happiness and zest into our lives. We believe that if you give your cat space they need, they will pay back with love and sweet purr.

Our Story

When Fabio moved in with us, we realised a city apartment was not entertaining enough for the adventurous little buddy. No furniture was good enough to climb, hide, hunt or snooze. We couldn’t let him outdoors as the balcony was not safe enough for Fabio to go out.

Like every cat owner, we knew that our little furry friend can easily get bored. It quickly became clear that to keep Fabio feeling good at home, a small redecoration was needed. Yet, finding modern cat furniture was almost impossible. Unfortunately the designs offered in pet stores didn’t fit the aesthetics of contemporary home interior.

Fabio The Cat

“Fabio The Cat” brings gorgeous designer cat furniture to the UK, so you can create cat-friendly space in your home without compromise on interior design.

Fabio The Cat is a boutique for cat lovers who appreciate modern style. Here you can find all the fabulous pieces from the UK and European designers in one place.

This is Fabio the cat

Give your cat outdoor experience

It’s a myth that going outside is a must for feline happiness. You can keep your furry friends feeling good by curating a safe and stimulating indoor space where they can scratch, hide, climb and relax.

Cat furniture and accessories you find at Fabio The Cat are designed to keep your cat entertained whilst fitting with the rest of your home decor.

UK & European Designers

UK & European Designers

From elegant and practical to bohemian and folkloristic, at Fabio The Cat you will find the most ingenious cat products from our UK and European partners. You and your cat deserve this luxury!
Loved by your cat and you

Loved by your cat and you

Create a space where both you and your cat are happy. Everything you find in our boutique is made from the finest materials that not only look gorgeous but also are safe for your furry friend.​
Made from love of cats

Made from love of cats

We carefully selected every item at Fabio The Cat to provide you with the finest and most functional cat furniture and accessories available. Indulge yourself in the latest collection!

European & UK Designers

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